Colorize News
4th August 2007, Version 4.0.11 is now available.
Fixes problem with display when enlarging image.
Version 4.0.10.
Two important features with version 4.0.10.
  • Added transparency to TIFF files.
  • Save as EPS format.
Transparent TIFFs allow users to easily place colored logos onto colored backgrounds.
The EPS format is the most useful for the Prepress industry. It allows features and higher quality than other formats.
It is also the most difficult to get right. Whereas formats such as TIFF are very restrictive, EPS allows a huge number of options. There have been 3 main versions of Postscript released. Each version added dozens of features to the postscript language.
For version 4.0.10 of Colorize, I have chosen to use Level 3 Postscript features. The question now is how well layout software and imagesetters will handle this EPS format.